Quality control and process automation
for composite production

Apodius Vision Sensor
HP-C-V3D Apodius Vision Sensor

Inspection technology

for automated fiber composite production

With the AVS Apodius offers a modular, production integrated inspection system for composite structures. Besides a production integrated quality control the AVS supports process automation.

Planning and quality evidence

of your measurement processes for production control

Apodius is your competent partner in planning of measurement processes and control loops within industrialization and automation projects in your composite production.

Industrialization with Apodius

for the future of the fiber composite lightweight construction

Apodius knows the characteristics of composite material precisely and supports your industrialization projects with measuring and inspection technology for quality assurance and direct process improvement.

With measuring technology for FRP to industrial success

High component costs so far prevented the breakthrough of fiber composite materials in series production. In addition to the fibers themselves manufacturing processes currently used are responsible for most of the component costs. The basic requirement for significant cost reductions is to further automate processes that have been derived from the common manual production for small series composite products. Apodius pursues the goal to provide the necessary measurement technology for automated fiber composite production and thus replace the current manual operations by capable processes. Our customers have already been experiencing today, that in addition to the reduction in their cycle times, especially reproducible component quality and thus the scrap and rework rates are minimized. Upon reaching stable processes a consistent lightweight technology becomes possible – the previously required over-dimensioning of components can be reduced. Last but not least lead raw material and time savings to an immediately more efficient production.


October 2016

Apodius at Experience Composites in Augsburg

Thank you for visiting the Apodius booth at Experience Composites in Augsburg.

Apodius presented new solutions for three-dimensional part digitalisation such as the innovative AVS 3D PORTABLE as well as the hand-guided AVS 3D COBOT. These AVS 3D systems on new carriers broaden the scope of the known AVS product family by adding new dimensions of safety, user-friendliness and flexibility.

The AVS 3D PORTABLE allows the user to digitalise and evaluate every part geometry and carbon fiber surface in order to measure fiber orientations and detect defects without the use of robots and their time-consuming offline programming.

The collaborative AVS 3D COBOT system not only guarantees a safe cooperation between humans and robots, but also increases the measurement quality due to its self-aligning functions and high accuracy.


September 2016

Quality in automation drives productivity

A global future for apodius with hexagon

With the acquisition by Hexagon AB Apodius GmbH guarantees its customers the metrological development of the successful AVS sensor family and a worldwide growth strategy. In this the daily business is continued as before and will be expanded globally.

Apodius Co-CEOs, Alexander Leutner and Jonathan Roberz, are sure, “Providing highly-accurate positioning data, Hexagon’s solutions fit perfectly to our sensors. Furthermore, joining Hexagon is a great opportunity to bring our technology to composite production lines all over the world.”

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March 2016

Apodius on JEC World in Paris

Thanks for visiting us on JEC World in Paris. Apodius presented the AVS 3D and AVS 3DH: three dimensional quality control and digitalization of composite components. With the innovative AVS 3DH, Apodius adds a new dimension of flexibility to the known AVS product family. The combination of AVS fiber orientation measurement technology with a tracking system turns the AVS 3DH into a reliable accompanist on the shop floor.

August 2015

Winner of JEC Innovation Award: "Apodius Vision System for 3D Composite Inspection

Apodius was able to prevail the competition proclaimed by JEC and wins the for the composite industry most important innovation award. The AVS 3D convinced the jury in the category "Quality Control" regarding all selection criteria, eg. technical excellence, exemplarity of the chain of partners, market potential, and originality. The JEC innovation program takes place for already 17 years and is a highly regarded awards program. Among a total of 1,800 participating companies worldwide, Apodius is now one of 177 winning companies that have proven their capacity for innovation through significant developments.

June 2015

Product innovation AVS 3

Apodius introduces the innovative measuring system AVS 3D, which enables the complete digitization of large preforms and components for analysis measurements. Captured geometries are wrapped with the component's surface texture. Fiber orientations are calculated, compared with reference values ​​and color-coded in case of deviation.
Digitalization of geometry and fiber orientation with AVS 3DPress release AVS 3D,
Three-dimensional analysis measurementProduct information AVS 3D.


February 2015

Successful presentation at JEC in Paris

The booth of Apodius GmbH at JEC Europe in Paris attracts again a large international audience. Especially the presentation of AVS 3D, a metrology solution for three-dimensional component measurement, attracts a lot of attention.


January 2015

Honouring for product and company concept of Apodius GmbH

The business concept of Apodius GmbH wins the 'Prepare Award 2015!' inline with the motto: From the idea to market.

Winners of the Prepare! award of RWTH Aachen and WHU Otto Beisheim Business School