Fiber orientation measurement with the Apodius Vision System 2D

Apodius metrology solutions

Production integration of metrology into the fiber composite production with Apodius The Apodius vision system is a modular, production integrated inspection system for composite structures in general and the production of textile fabrics in particular. It provides measurement results starting from the fiber and ending with the finished composite product. Besides a production integrated quality control the Apodius Vision System 2D supports process automation. Quality characteristics of composite components are measured during their layer-wise build-up and used for process control in automation. With Apodius Vision System a sensor solution is provided that is tailored to your application.

Supplementary to your production the Apodius Vision System 3D enables the complete digitization of large preforms and components for analysis measurements. Captured geometries are wrapped with the component surface texture. Fiber orientations are calculated, compared to reference values and provided in a 3D-model for return in simulation or engineering software.

Apodius Vision Systems detect production faults via actual-theoretical comparison. Due to the production integrated use of Apodius Vision Systeme the further processing of faulty components can be avoided. With Apodius Custom we furthermore offer a tailored adjustment for the individual needs of your production.

  • Apodius Custom – tailored sensor solutions for your application
  • IP67 – protection from carbon fibers and carbon dust
  • Autofocus camera inside – measurements for generative build-ups, layer by layer
  • Precise measurements – capability proved according to industry standards MSA and VDA 5
  • Integration of the sensor system into your production

Fiber orientation

Part digitalisation

Defect detection

Apodius 2D

Measurement of fiber orientation

The basic Apodius Vision System 2D version visually measures the fiber angle of semi-finished textiles and preforms with a resolution of 0.1°. The measuring data is analysed with a frequency of 10Hz. A clear and intuitive interface enables the user to operate quick and purposeful. Apodius Vision System 2D is optimized for production integrated use: it is robust concerning extraneous caused light influences and conductive fiber dust. For the use of measuring data, interfaces for data storage and connections to process automation elements like robots are provided.

Fiber angle measurement of textiles and preforms Product information Apodius Vision System 2D

Real-time fiber orientation measurement with Apodius Vision System 2D
Hardware of the Apodius Vision System 2D

Apodius 3D

Three-dimensional component measurement

With Apodius Vision System 3D 3D we measure your semi-finished and finished components and products through a complete digitalization of geometry and surface structure. In cooperation with our development partner Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University, the developed Apodius Vision System 3D allows both the capturing of components’ geometry and a projection of the local fiber angle to the components’ geometry. Result is a three-dimensional fiber orientation measurement. The fiber angle can be compared with data from simulation or design. Furthermore, deviations in geometry can be specified and errors like folds or pores can be measured and classified.

Three-dimensional geometry and fiber angle measurements Product information Apodius Vision System 3D

Complete acquisition of three-dimensional component geometry in real time
Real-time virtualization of the component geometry: Target-performance comparison of recorded geometry with CAD data

Apodius Custom

Customized solutions

As an extra to the basic version of Apodius Vision System 2D we offer modular extensions and customized systems within our product family Apodius Custom. Especially specific integration projects and fault detections for textile structures require a customized solution. Basis of every Apodius Custom solution is the measurement of the local fiber orientation. Additionally, with customized fault specification, we plan tailored image processing systems with integrated optical measurement technology. Textile faults and characteristics like fuzzballs, missing seams, alleys, folds or other containment can be measured and classified to customers’ definition.

Identification of textile defects and characteristics like fuzzballs, missing seams, alleys, folds or other containment

We solve your specific tasks starting from the single fiber and ending with the completed composite product. This could be the simple measurement of edges, the width of fiber bundles or tapes. It could also be a complex measurement of fraying edges or the solution of any other specific task. Our highly-efficient image processing libraries are optimized for oriented structures. Whether it is carbon, glass, aramid or natural fiber: we provide customized solutions.

Production integrated measurement of angle of twist Product information Apodius Custom Braiding
Defect detection to customers definition with AVS Custom in carbon fiber series production Product information Apodius Custom Defect Detection