Analysis measurement of composite structures and parts

Apodius solutions drive the automation of fiber composite production Apodius offers digitalization and measurement of your textile structures and components also in terms of our services. You can send the components for analysis measurement to our laboratory in Aachen. We also offer measurement services directly in your production.

Planning of testing processes and component analysis measurements

Planning of testing and measurement processes

Facts and figures are the essential key to control any production. On top of the integration of our Apodius Vision Systems in your production we offer complete appropriate composite-based testing planning. We offer to advise you which specific composite characteristics can be measured using which technology. We also coach when implementing measurement equipment in a composite production.

Qualifying evidence of measurement processes (VDA5, MSA)

The suitability and capability of our measurement systems for your production is proved in accordance with common industry standards. Customers may choose if measurement system analysis is conducted according to MSA or qualifying evidence of testing processes is proofed according to VDA5, both ways are offered. We also offer analysis for currently used measurement systems in your production.

Process capability testing, production process analysis

The composite production is on the way from leaving handcraft and manual skills to industrialized processes that meet the demands of series production for high volume products. Our measurement systems provide facts and figures to control your production and reach your specific goals. In the centre of our analysis you will find the common capability indices for processes Cp and CpK as key figures for statistical assessment. Your success is going to be measurable from fiber orientation to component geometry. We gladly advice and support you when it comes to the planning of automated solutions in your production. Due to our experiences in integration of Apodius Vision Systems, especially handling and preform processes, we have knowledge about what to mind for a feasible automation of as yet manual conducted process steps. Last but not least we offer auditing of fiber composite processes of your upstream supply chain. Especially textile intermediate products you buy from your suppliers influence the final quality of your products. Automotive manufacturers make use of our support concerning initial sample inspection and test series to secure and assure the capability of the supply chain.


We accompany every integration of an Apodius Vision System in your production with training for your workers. Using our system is intuitive and works out quickly. Nevertheless, to operate efficiently limits and possibilities need to be known. Training helps the operators to work with the system in an automated production and allows your specialists to modify the system for new tasks and variation of your products.